Quality Handmade Cat Scratching Posts

02/06/2024 IMPORTANT UPDATE: ScratchyCats is temporarily CLOSED and is not currently accepting new orders.

We are hoping to launch our brand new web site and re-open our order books again from JULY - so please check back for updates.

The Ultimate Series of High Quality Cat Trees, Towers and Scratching Posts

Our 'Ultimate Series' features a collection of high end, superior quality, heavy duty cat trees, cat towers and scratching posts that are all made using modular parts - configured in different ways to alter the design. This unique approach gives you the flexibility to change the layout in order to suit your exact requirements and even expand/alter the cat tree as your needs change. Whether you need more/less cat beds, an extra scratch post, don't want any soft furnishings at all, or need a taller overall height, you can add/remove parts to get your PURRfect cat tree layout.

We've redefined cat furniture with our 'Ultimate Series' of superior quality, heavy duty cat trees, cat towers and scratching posts. We know that they're not the cheapest, but we do believe that they are the best - "by a country mile" as we say in Devon. That's why every product in our 'Ultimate Series' is sold as standard with a 3 year warranty*.
*Excludes fair wear and tear, terms and conditions apply

Our attractive designs are as elegant and stylish as they are functional, because we know that having a good looking cat tree is as important as having one that saves your expensive furniture and carpets from claw damage.

Every product in our 'Ultimate Series' is incredibly strong, sturdy and suitable for any size of cat thanks to their superior rigidity. With large removeable fully machine washable beds in over 30 different colour options, wipe clean platforms made from treated and sealed plywood (with the option to upgrade and add colour to the wood) with beautiful visible woodgrain and large scratch poles wrapped in premium quality 100% natural chunky sisal rope - this range really is the 'ultimate' in quality cat furniture.

Better still, these are handmade in Great Britain by us here at ScratchyCats. With our 'Ultimate Series', there is no compromise and no comparison!


The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U01
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U02
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U03
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U04
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U05
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U06
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U07
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U08
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U09
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U10
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U11
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U12
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U13
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U14
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U15
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U16
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U17
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U18
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U19
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U20
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U21
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U22
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U23
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U24
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U25
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U26
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U27
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U28
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U29
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U30
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U31
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U32
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U33
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U34
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The Ultimate Cat Tree SC-U35
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Soft Furnishing Colour Options | ScratchyCats

Soft Furnishing Colour Options

All soft furnishings are handmade in house at ScratchyCats and can be finished in a wide range of colours as shown below.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FLEECE COLOUR: Actual colours of fleece may vary slightly from those shown depending on your screen settings. Slight fabric shade variations are also common between batches, and light conditions (when the photograph was taken) can also affect the look of each colour. As such colours are provided for reference purposes only and we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

  • Beige
  • Biscuit
  • Rust
  • Brown
  • Baby Pink
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Wine
  • Light Grey
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Light Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Teal
  • Green
  • Khaki
  • Cow
  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Zebra
  • Desert Camo
  • Jungle Camo
  • Woodland Animals
  • Cream with Cats
  • Black with Coloured Paws
  • White with Coloured Paws
  • Black with White Paws
  • White with Black Paws
Wood Colour Options | ScratchyCats

Extra Charge - Wood Colour Options

All plywood parts will be finished (sealed and protected) in their bare natural colour (light beige) as standard. You can choose to upgrade and add colour to one or more of your plywood parts for an additional charge per coloured part. We don't paint the wood as this would hide the natural beauty of the wood. Instead, we tint the wood to add colour whilst retaining the wood grain and natural beauty. Once colour has been added, the part is sealed and protected to provide the same glossy hard wearing finish. Prices for colouring parts varies according to their size, as each piece is coloured by hand. Click here for a price list for colouring the wood.

Please be advised that colour swatches are provided for reference purposes only and do not indicate an exact colour of the finished wood. For a more accurate colour representation, please see our wood colour gallery for finished examples.

As with any piece of wooden furniture, exposure to sunlight can fade/discolour the wood.

  • Oak
  • Cedar
  • Walnut
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Blue
  • Purple