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Cat Bed Washing Instructions

Our Ultimate Series of high quality long lasting cat trees feature fully removable machine washable tub beds and cushions.

How to Wash a Cat Bed


The Ultimate Series tub bed features a semi-rigid sidewall to keep your cat safe when sleeping - especially important when cats are high up on a large cat tree. This sidewall must be handled with care when washing to avoid damage. Watch our demonstration video.


Instead, carefully twist one end of the sidewall lightly inside the other to make it small enough to fit inside the washing machine door.

You must follow these simple instructions when washing:

Step 1

Carefully pull the cat bed upwards to remove from the velcro pads that are securing it to the wooden platform.

Step 2

Before washing, shake the cat bed outside to remove any larger pieces or lumps of dirt and debris from it.

Step 3

After shaking, vacuum if the cat bed has embedded cat hair. You can also use a lint roller to remove cat hair from the bedding.

Step 4

This step applies to tub beds only. We recommend that you watch our demonstration video before washing a tub bed. The tub bed is too big to fit through the door of most domestic sized washing machines and must be made smaller to get into the machine. To do this, carefully twist one end of the sidewall lightly inside the other to make it small enough to fit through the washing machine door as per our washing video. Once safely inside the machine, you can gently untwist the bed and allow it to rest against the drum of the machine for the washing cycle. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS WASH THE CAT BED SEPERATELY.

Step 5

Wash on a hand wash/gentle setting at 30 degrees with a small amount of your preferred washing detergent and fabric softener.

Step 6

Carefully remove from the washing machine by reversing the twisting action that you used to get it into the machine. Take care not to over bend the sidewall.

Step 7

Whilst damp, you may need to lightly re-shape/plump the bed.

Step 8

Allow to dry flat naturally - DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.


TIP: To prolong the life of the cat beds DO NOT over wash or wash excessively. Instead, shake and vacuum the beds regularly.