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Using non-toxic cat safe materials is of paramount importance to us, as is buying from local suppliers where we can and supporting British busniesses.

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The Best Sisal Rope for Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope

Here at ScratchyCats, we've spent years researching cat scratching behaviour, leading us to develop what we believe to be the perfect range of cat scratching posts; handmade using the best quality materials (sourced from British suppliers where possible) that provide longevity to our brand. It's because of our extensive research that ScratchyCats products are all wrapped in 100% natural sisal rope, as we believe that it offers the best possible scratching surface for your cat.

Over the years, we've gained an extensive knowledge in the subject of natural fibre ropes and have concentrated our research into sisal rope in particular. However, throughout our journey into creating a range of quality, affordable cat scratching products, we've learned that not all sisal rope is created equal and there are in fact a huge variation of sisal ropes available. These extreme quality variations exist because of a number of factors that vary in the rope manufacturing process including (but not limited to), the country of origin of the sisal plant, the climate in the country where the fibre is stripped from the plant, the drying process of the fibres and the manufacturing process that turns the raw fibres into sisal rope.

After years of extensive research and testing using varying quality sisal rope, in March 2018 we've now switched to what we believe to be the finest 'A Grade' 8mm sisal rope currently available. Manufactured to EN ISO 1181 standard. The 100% natural 8mm sisal rope we now use for all our products is specifically manufactured for our needs from plant fibres grown in Europe. It's a non-oiled, low odour, light in colour sisal with minimal loose strands and is one of the key features that make our cat furniture among the best available in the world. Furthermore, our quality sisal rope is dry spun, and there is no oil used in its production. Some rope manufacturers use oil when spinning the fibres into rope to lubricate and cool the fibres in order to produce the rope at a faster pace without it heating up and burning. The plant fibres used to produce our sisal rope are spun slowly, and there is therefore no need for the use of  lubricating and cooling oil in its production. Without the use of oil in its production process, our sisal is 100% natural and safe for your cat.

Although slightly thinner than the rope we used previously (pre-March 2018), our research actually found that the 8mm rope measured more consistently along its length than the 10mm rope which fluctuated between 8mm and 10mm. Typically sisal rope has size fluctuations in the diameter of a single length of rope giving an untidy look when wrapped around a cat scratching post. Perhaps a lower grade rope is advertised as 10mm in diameter yet due to joins in the fibres and other imperfections a piece of rope 50 metres long may fluctuate in diameter by as much as minus 2-3mm. Our higher grade 8mm diameter premium quality sisal rope has no visible joins and the accuracy of the rope diameter is correct to 0.5mm. So, it may be slightly thinner, but it's a much higher quality a rope that make our products stand apart from the rest.

What this all means is that our finished products look tidier, the rope looks uniform across the whole scratching surface and the rope lasts longer at the claws of your cat due to a tighter weave of the plant fibres during the manufacturing process to make rope. You can be confident that a ScratchyCats product is finished using the finest quality sisal rope available anywhere in the world!

Please be aware: sisal rope is a natural rope and as such the colour of the rope may vary slightly according to the time of year, colour variations are common and dark spots are normal as the rope is 100% natural. Sisal rope is an abrasive rope and although ideal for cat scratching posts, we advise you to handle with care to avoid injury. We also advise you to inspect the scratching post regularly and replace when worn. All our products are now wrapped in 8mm sisal rope. Although this rope is slightly thinner than previously used (pre-March 2018), it's a higher grade premium quality sisal rope manufactured specifically for ScratchyCats, some web site photos may show the older thicker 10mm sisal rope no longer used.

Sheet Materials

We use several different types of sheet material in order to make our products. Each of these materials have been certified for use in the UK in furniture making and meet all required safety criteria. These materials include (but are not limited to):


Here at ScratchyCats, we cover our cat tree beds and platforms by hand in premium quality soft anti-pil polar fleece. Available in a great range of colours and patterns, this superb quality fleece has the following benefits:


All adhesives used are classed as non-toxic and non-hazardous.