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Cat Tree 021

Part Number: SC-021

This quality cat tree is a substantial piece of handmade cat furniture made right here in the UK.

Designed for multi cat households, this is a tall, sturdy design that stands at over 1.6 metres tall. Featuring 6 of our proven chunky scratch poles the largest of which is a massive 1 metre tall. With 2 large beds with rigid sides set at offset heights, and 2 large platforms, your cats will have their own space and there will be no squabbling.

Don't confuse this quality cat tree with the cheap Chinese import tree's that use poor quality rope and topple over. This is a substantial piece of cat furniture made right here in Britain. It's strong, sturdy and built to last. It has a really chunky appearance and your cat will love it!

We're so confident that you and your cat will love this cat scratching post that we'll give you a full refund if you or your cat are not entirely satisfied with it - that's the ScratchyCats Catisfaction Guarantee.

Key Features | ScratchyCats

Key Features

Cat Tree 021
  • Handmade to order right here in the UK using British sourced materials where possible
  • Made from furniture grade particle board
  • Large 44cm wide cat beds with 12cm tall rigid sides
  • 60cm square large heavy base (with corner cut out) provides stability
  • You choose the colour of the soft luxury fleece lined base, platforms and beds
  • 100% natural finest quality 'A Grade' light coloured sisal rope, read more
  • The tallest scratch pole measures 1 metre to allow your cat to fully stretch out
  • Rope is compression wound and tightened by hand
  • Rope is attached to the posts all the way up - guaranteed not to unravel - EVER!
  • The rope starts and ends inside the posts so there are no vulnerable ends
  • Each post has a chunky 10cm diameter
  • Easy self assembly with no special skills or tools required
  • Heavy and very sturdy with unrivalled strength
  • Small rubber feet add traction when in use on hard floors as well as carpets
  • All metal fixings for maximum rigidity
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Optional catnip mouse available to purchase separately
  • Spare parts available
  • Catisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!
Description | ScratchyCats


If you're looking for a large quality cat tree that's handmade in Great Britian then look no further. This large piece of handmade cat furniture has a large base (60cm on 2 longest sides) that weighs over 5kg on its own! This is critical in ensuring that the tall cat tree doesn't fall over when your cat jumps on it. The base adds stability so that your cat can climb safely without the fear of it falling over.

As with all of our handmade products, this cat tree is made from scratch in England at our small workshop in Devon. The rope used is 8mm 100% natural sisal rope and has a really chunky appearance that makes it appealing to your cat and also ensures that it will last a long time. If and when it does eventually wear out - simply head over to our parts page and buy the piece you need to replace. There's no need to replace the entire tree. Each piece is available to buy separately - how good is that!?

The base, platforms and beds are lined with 1 inch thick foam and then wrapped in luxurious fleece in the colour/pattern of your choice. Why not choose different colours for each bed/platform for a unique look? The cat beds are 44cm round with rigid sides for safety. The soft foam heats up when the cat sits on it and retains heat making a warm, cosy bed for your cat.

We use stainless steel all metal fixings on all of our scratching posts ensuring the strongest possible construction and no weak points.

Assembly is easy thanks to the unique ScratchyCats build method that means anyone can assemble the post at home with no DIY skills and no tools are required. Full assembly instructions are included and remember you can always call and speak to us direct in the unlikely event of a problem!

You're not buying from a shop that imports products from China with a huge markup. You're buying direct from ScratchyCats and we've made this cat furniture from scratch, so please do call us if you need to.

Measurements | ScratchyCats


Cat Tree Measurements

Total Cat Tree Height Base Size (max) Bed Size (round) Price (exc P&P)
169cm / 1690mm / 66.5inch 60cm / 600mm / 23.6inch 44cm / 440mm / 17.3inch £229.99
If you would like a custom size, please get in touch and we'll make it to suit your exact requirements.
Your Options | ScratchyCats

Your Options

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FLEECE COLOUR: Actual colours of fleece may vary slightly from those shown depending on your screen settings. Slight fabric shade variations are also common between batches, and light conditions (when the photograph was taken) can also affect the look of each colour. As such colours are provided for reference purposes only and we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

To see examples of our cat scratching posts finished in your preferred colour, simply click on the colour of your choice below to be taken to our extensive fleece colour guide page.

Your colour options

Choose from the following colours at the checkout.

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Optional Extras

Catnip mouse attached with bungee - Must be added to your basket separately

More Photos | ScratchyCats

More Photos

Here are some photos of the Cat Tree 021 finished in a variety of different colours.

Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats Cat Tree 021 | ScratchyCats
Why Buy From ScratchyCats | ScratchyCats

Why Buy From ScratchyCats?

  • All of our cat furniture is handmade in Devon, England, UK to exceptional industry leading standards
  • By purchasing from us you're supporting a small husband and wife Great British company
  • We don't import cheap products to sell to you, all of our products are handmade from scratch by us
  • We only use premium quality materials from sustainable sources, and buy British where possible
  • Our materials are certified non toxic and 100% safe for use by your cat
  • Our products are not available to buy anywhere else, we don't sell to the high street, or to online pet retailers
  • We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and you can call and speak to us direct
  • Our products are trusted and approved by hundreds of cat owners, breeders, catteries and enthusiasts
  • 100% refund if you or your cat are not entirely satisfied with your product
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Please Select Your Required Colour

If you require a multi-coloured design with different colours for the platforms please choose 'Multi-Coloured' and email us your colour choices following your purchase to info@scratchycats.com.

£229.99 + £17.79 delivery (Delivery Information)

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Please be aware: sisal rope is a natural rope and as such the colour of the rope may vary slightly according to the time of year. Sisal rope is an abrasive rope and although ideal for cat scratching posts, we advise you to handle with care to avoid injury. We also advise you to inspect the scratching post regularly and replace when worn. All our products are now wrapped in 8mm sisal rope. Although this rope is slightly thinner than previously used (pre-March 2018), it's a higher grade premium quality sisal rope manufactured specifically for ScratchyCats, some web site photos may show the older thicker 10mm sisal rope no longer used.