Quality Handmade Cat Scratching Posts

OCTOBER UPDATE: Due to exceptionally high demand and delays with materials our ESTIMATED lead time for ALL ORDERS is now up to 8 weeks. If you are not happy to wait for your handmade product, it's best not to order at this time.

Due to our workshop relocation earlier in the year, we still do not have a landline and broadband installed. We had no idea when we decided to move that 5 months on we'd still be having issues getting a phone line. It is therefore taking us longer to respond to emails as we currently do not have internet access during the day (the joys of rural Devon). If you are awaiting a response from us, please bare with us - we are working through all emails as quickly as we can.

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Sorry, we are no longer sending email newsletters due to increased red tape surrounding the legalities of marketing emails. Instead, we update our Facebook and Instagram accounts regulary.