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ScratchyCats is the home of quality cat scratching posts, large luxury cat trees and bespoke cat furniture. All our products are handmade to order at our small workshop in Devon, UK. We know cats, and every single one of our products is sturdy, strong and built to last. The 100% natural sisal rope we use is specifically manufactured for our needs from plant fibres grown in Europe. It's non-oiled, light in colour with minimal loose strands and is one of the key features that make our products among the best available in the world.

Each and every one of our products is our own design and built from scratch in Great Britain, nothing is imported. Choose from our large selection of quality cat scratching posts or ask us about bespoke cat furniture made to your exact requirements. When you buy a ScratchyCats product, you join the ScratchyCats family, and nothing is more important to us than family.

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The ScratchyCats Difference

Fed up with poor quality mass produced cat scratching posts that your cat is not even interested in? Then you've come to the right place. Here at ScratchyCats, we've built a reputation for functional, long lasting cat scratching posts. We're so confident that your cat will use and love one of our scratchers that every single one of our products comes with our unique CATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Put simply, in the unlikely event that you or your cat are not entielry satisfied with your purchase simply return it to us unused and undamaged for a full refund.*

ScratchyCats is a small husband and wife business with Martin working on the business full time with part time assistance from wife Clare. Every single product that we sell is made by Martin, who has exceptionally high standards and is a perfectionist. Nothing we make is mass produced, we don't import parts from China. Every product is made by hand at our small workshop in Devon UK. The only material that we source from outside the UK is our exceptional premium quality 100% natural sisal rope. This is without question the best rope for a cat scratching post. Nothing comes close to it. We use thick 8mm rope for all of our scratching posts (unless otherwise stated) as we find it provides the cat with the best scratching surface, they can really get their claws into it and it lasts an exceptionally long time. Many of our customers reporting that the scratching post has lasted over 4 years with daily use.

Our product range is like nothing else we've come across and we allow you to customise your post so that you can essentially build your own cat scratching post. Simply shoose a design from our products page and select your own colour and height - it's that simple. At last, colour matched cat scratching posts that you can match to the colour of your home and choose your own height to suit your cats requirements.

Another service that we offer here at ScratchyCats is our custom built service. If you can't see something that interests you from our product ranges then simply get in touch with us with your requirements and we'll provide a quote for bulding the design from your specifications.

It's our goal at ScratchyCats to provide a variety of different cat scratching posts to suit every budget. All of our quality scratching posts use natural, cat-friendly, premium quality sisal rope. Beware of mass-produced posts from other manufacturers that use poor quality rope or even synthetic ropes which can be harmful to your cat.

We don't sell to the shops - we only sell direct to you so you get the best possible quality assured product at an affordable price. Furthermore, we believe that we offer the best customer service experience and will be happy to speak with you further - whatever your enquiry. Get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Don't forget, you'll be speaking to the people that make the cat scratching posts, not a salesman in a shop who imports products from China. We care about our products, we care about our reputation and we care about our customers! I suppose we have old fashioned values when it comes to our business but we don't apologise for that.

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Meet the ScratchyCats team

Martin | ScratchyCats

Martin 'The Boss'

Chief Scratching Post Builder

Martin has built thousands of cat scratching posts since 2010 and has a wealth of experience in building all aspects of cat furniture.

Clare | ScratchyCats

Clare 'The Bossier' ;-)

Soft Furnishings and Administration

Full time mummy to baby Serenity and part time ScratchyCats assistant.

Serenity | ScratchyCats

Serenity 'The Apprentice'

Future helper

Serenity Anne Veale, born on October 8th 2016 at 13:34 weighing 6lb 1oz