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ScratchyCats on Dragons' Den?

ScratchyCats on Dragons' Den

Quite often here at ScratchyCats, people say to us - "wow this is brilliant you should go on Dragons' Den". There's no doubt that our high quality affordable cat scratching posts are among the best available in the UK; if not the best. That said, ScratchyCats is not a business that would ever get an investment on Dragons' Den and we think that's a positive thing. Let me explain...

Our whole ethos here at ScratchyCats is to design and build quality long lasting products that your cat will use and enjoy. We hand make everything that goes into making one of our scratching posts from our small Devon workshop. From the router cut round bases for our most popular original scratching post - formally known as the large and chunky through to the rocket fins on our more elaborate rocket shaped cat scratching post. It's all made by us and the only things we buy in are materials in order to make our popular cat scratchers.

ScratchyCats is not a scalable business, nor do we ever want it to be. Our products are quality handmade items and as such a lot of time goes into making each one. There are plenty of companies out there mass producing cat scratching posts and this is not something we ever wish to do. Most if not all of the mass produced items (usually made in China) are poor quality scratching posts that do not last. We build longevity into each of our products and this is something that our customers love. A ScratchyCats post will last a considerably long time. Some customers reporting that the post is still going strong after 4 years and the cat uses it every day. This speaks volumes!

Dragons' Den would want us to shift manufacture overseas where they can mass produce hundreds of posts. The quality would suffer and then ScratchyCats products would be no different to all the other rubbish that you usually find in the pet shops. The Dragons would want us to sell to pet shops around the world, thus losing the ability to hand craft each one ourselves. We are not a scalable business that would interest the money hungry Dragons, and that's a great thing for our products and the high quality you expect.

We will continue to hand make each and every one of our cat scratching posts in Devon. We will continue to sell online and hope that our reputation alone will continue to drive sales for us to continue supplying cat owners with quality affordable cat scratching posts for many years to come.

So I'm sorry Dragons, but WE'RE OUT!

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