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There's Still Time to Order for Delivery Before Christmas

There's Still Time to Order for Delivery Before Christmas

A cat scratching post is a great gift for any cat or cat lover this Christmas. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas present for your cat then look no further than a handmade quality cat scratching post from ScratchyCats.

All our products are handmade to order and Christmas is a very busy time of year for us. Order NOW for guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Don't forget, each order is handmade and we need to allow enough time for delivery. Order right up until Friday December 4th for GUARANTEED delivery before Christmas. If you order after this date, we'll do our best to get your product to you before Christmas but it isn't guaranteed due to postage restrictions and time constraints.

We'll be working extra hours to fulfil all orders placed between now and Christmas but ordering early is advised.

An excellent way to keep your cat off of the Christmas Tree is to provide them with a distraction, something that they can claim as their own, something that they enjoy scratching, climbing and stretching on. If you don't have an adequate cat scratcher then don't be surprised when your cat starts climbing your Christmas Tree, playing with all the decorations, ripping off the tinsel and even chewing your lights! This can be very dangerous.

Don't risk it - buy a quality handmade cat scratching post from ScratchyCats and place it near to your Christmas Tree.

View our full range of handmade cat scratching posts that can be delivered in time for Christmas.


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